Henderson News & Media

Words that count

Got a story to tell? Something to shout about? That’s where Henderson News & Media comes in.

Henderson News & Media is a leading, independent, multi-media consultancy. We don’t just provide strategy – we deliver words that count.

Leading PR and marketing agencies use Henderson News & Media – harnessing its knowledge of the media world and its journalistic excellence to the advantage of their clients.

Henderson News & Media

Companies and organisations looking for clear and creative content marketing engage us to deliver the words and design that gives them the edge in all sectors of the media.

Media groups come to Henderson News and Media to grow and develop their products and services. We deliver content, design and strategy to help them reach their audiences.

Local authorities and organisations use Henderson News and Media’s word skills to create style-books and guidelines for their communication teams.

Henderson News and Media also delivers quality news and feature services for newspapers, magazines and websites.